About us

Gopikrishna Warrier

Secretary/ Co-founder Trustee 


Keya Acharya

President / Founder Trustee 


Atul Deulgaonkar

Joint Secretary / Trustee


Joydeep Gupta

Vice President

Shiv Kumar

Web Moderator

The Forum of Environmental Journalists in India (FEJI) is a public, charitable Trust, registered in Bangalore in 2012 with Keya Acharya as founder-trustee and Gopikrishna Warrier as co-founder and trustee. The third trustee is Atul Deulgaonkar.

FEJI originally began as the Forum of Environmental Journalists of India in 1988, founded by the late journalist Darryl D’Monte in Mumbai, at the instance of UNESCAP, Bangkok. It was re-constituted and started anew in Bangalore, with a small change in the title but keeping the same acronym. Darryl was the former Chairman Emeritus of FEJI.

FEJI has a long history of active work in the field of training journalists through field visits, workshops, meetings, media fellowships and several other activities in environment and development issues of concern.

It has affiliations with prominent media persons and organisations in India and abroad and is currently in the process of obtaining permission under India’s foreign currency regulation act.

FEJI has permanent income tax exemptions under Sections 12A and 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.

FEJI has an active and lively online networking group with presently over 550 members on its rolls. Shiv Kumar is web-moderator and Joydeep Gupta is Vice-President.

All FEJI’s staff-bearers are professional, working journalists with extensive experience in researching and writing on environmental issues.