• To train, motivate and sensitise journalists to cover environment and development issues, including the incorporation of environment and development issues into their fields of daily reporting;

  • To sensitise and motivate a younger and newer generation of media persons to be aware of environment and development issues;

  • To disseminate environment and development matters in public interest and for public awareness, and towards achieving this end, have the liberty to establish educational media schools, courses, train faculty, develop relevant materials and conduct any other educational activity as deemed necessary;

  • To bring the Trust into public awareness as a representative centre for journalistic excellence and source of relevant information, for both national and international audiences;

  • To establish, in due course, branches in strategic metro cities in India to further dissemination


  • To organise national and international seminars, workshops and study tours on environment and development issues;

  • To produce communication materials, conduct research and study modules for use by any concerned body, as and when discussed and undertaken as consultancy;

  • To seek co-operation and assistance of, and to collaborate with, various concerned institutions of expertise, such as recognised centres of excellence, colleges and scientific academies;

  • To establish affiliations with media and journalism-related academic institutions to conduct research grants and fellowships that further both parties’ interests, and, towards this end be able to garner academic credits for the students undertaking such research;

  • To collaborate with various concerned experts for the advancement of environment and development issues in the media;

  • To collaborate with other media organisations, nationally and internationally;

  • To organise dialogues and debates with decision-makers and planners with a view to enhancing the flow of information on environment and development issues;

  • To enable dissemination through electronic means both nationally and internationally;

  • To promote greater public awareness on environment and development issues;

  • To promote greater awareness of environment and development in media;

  • To nurture and promote media and communication research, capacity building, knowledge management and dialogue among academia, industry, government and civil society;

  • To undertake any other activity that the Forum may consider appropriate.