Alarming situation in South India with falling groundwater levels

There are many reasons of depleting groundwater levels in South India. The groundwater levels were fine in 1970-75. This is because only wells were in existence that time and the water was found below 50-60 feet. Whatever water used to be taken was replaced by rainwater during monsoon. But gradually, wells were replaced by bore wells which used to pump water from as below as 150 to 200 feet. Post this, water level fell. In 90s, there was a revolution in the industry of bore well. Bore well were installed in large numbers. By 2000, the groundwater level fell to 800 feet. Presently in many places, the groundwater level has fallen up to 1500 feet reveals Former Professor of Applied Geology, University of Madras and is present director of the Center for Environmental Sciences, Dr NR Ballukaraya in an interview with Atul Kumar Singh.

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