Attapadi Irula’s toilets turn to be goat houses

This story has been done from Kulappadi Irula tribal hamlet of Attapadi block Palakkad situating Western Ghats. Entire Attapadi tribal region has been sweating in scorching heat due to the failure of monsoons. Most of the water resources are dried up. Kulappadi hamlet where Irula tribes have been living shows the gravity of the draught .All 114 houses were having toilets much before Swachabharath abhiyan campaign. But look the present condition.

Most of the toilets have been reshaped as goat houses

Interview of Velluthambi

“How could we clean our toilet if we have not even water to drink? Entire villagers are now defecating openly in the forest. We have no other option” There is a ditch far away from the hamlet. Human beings and wild animals are drinking this polluted water.

“We are collecting water from 3 km away. Look how tired we are?" asked by Kunchamma

Unless rain showered in the coming days ,Attapadi would be witnessing disastrous situation this time. Many hamlets might be crippled in epidemics

PTC by reporter

No one should teach these tribes about cleanness. Much before the Swach Bharath Abhiyan campaign they all have had toilets in their home. They have to say only one thing. You Should provide us water first. Then only we can speak about cleanness.

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