Climate change impacts on Soliga tribe in Biligiriraga hills and their coffee plantation

B R( Billigiriranga) Hills in the bordering western ghat hills between Tamilnadu and Karnataka have been the traditional settlement region of Soliga tribe .With the cultivations of vegetables, fruits ,millet etc Soliga has immensely contributed to the agriculture sector of Karnataka. However many of the water resources in B R forest have been dried up due to global warming.

As result, wild animals are compelled to barge in to Soliga’s farm lands by seeking water and food.Wild animals destroyed their crops. For evading wild animal attacks Soliga have shifted to coffee plantation from their traditional multi crop system.

“Our crops were being destroyed by wild elephant. We have no other option rather than to shift to coffee” said by Muthamma , a tribal coffee grower

It is believed that coffee can withstand climate change reversals. But ups and downs in monsoon could affect coffee.

“If there is a kind of shift in rainfall or intensify rainfall affects coffee crop” Said by R Ganeshan,An environmental scientist, Atree

Now it is not possible to go back to their multi crop farming system.

Many farmers among Soliga have felt that abandoning their multi crop farming system was a wrong decision. Now they are solely depending on coffee and all of them are worrying about climate change impacts on coffee.

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