Atree’s Clam Conservation Project at Vembanad lake paves new hope for clam workers

Rather than a tasty food item, Clam has been a species for livelihood for thousands in the shores of Vembanad Lake, Alappy District in Kerala. But rapid depletion of clam has been happened due to the lack of salinity of water, pollution, climate change and catching juvenile clam. According to Surendran,President of Clam workers Society clam catch has been depleted by 20% .

What is the solution?

Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment has put forward a new conservation project.

“We are suffering sharp depletion of clams in the southern side of Vembanad lake.At the same time clam production has been excessive in the northern side. In northern side fishermen are catching juvenile clams. This is disastrous. Now we are planning to bring juvenile clams from northern side and deposit it in southern region.This will energize clam cultivation” said by Dr. Priyadharshanan Dharma Rajan, Environmental scientist working with Atree.

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