• Organise national and international seminars, workshops and study tours​

  • Produce communication material, conduct research and study modules for use by any concerned body, as and when discussed and undertaken as consultancy

  • Collaborate with various concerned institutions of expertise, such as recognised centres of excellence, colleges and scientific academies

  • Establish affiliations with media and journalism-related academic institutions to conduct research grants and fellowships that further both parties’ interests and  towards this end be able to garner academic credits for the students undertaking such research

  • Promoting greater awareness of environment and development in media

  • Nurturing and promoting media and communication research, capacity building, knowledge management and dialogue among academia, industry, government and civil society

  • Undertaking any other activity that the Forum may consider appropriate

  • Dissemination of environment and development issues

  • Research Projects

  • Capacity Building and Training of journalists

What We Do

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